Programming Quizzes

05 April 2018


Many years ago there was a site with collection of Ruby Quizzes:

What Is Ruby Quiz?

Ruby Quiz is a weekly programming challenge for Ruby programmers

Idea is superb. So, I have decided to look around and collect here similar resources:

The current list is not very impressive. But, I am going to maintain it and I hope it will be bigger.

REST API Guidelines

15 March 2018

rest api

REST API is the most popular interface for communication between different component of the system. There are a lot of different common sense approaches to design RESTful API. Despite this fact it is always better to have something written as a reference to follow common principles during API design of the system.

Here I have collected some REST API guidelines and API References. It’s nice start point for your inspiration.

REST API Guidelines

My Favorite Podcasts

05 November 2017


I’ve been listening podcasts for many years. Mostly (99%) technical podcasts. Here is the list in my favorite order (Please note, some of them are not in English)

  • (RUS) DevZen: Very interesting. It covers broad range of different technical topics

  • (RUS) Scalaz Podcast: Podcast about Scala

  • (RUS) Radio-t: Tech podcast. Sometimes might be boring because it has a lot of blaming and trolling

  • (RUS) GolangShow: only #Golang, only hardcore

  • (ENG) The Ruby Rogues: broad range of topics, not only #Ruby

  • (ENG) Functional Geekery: A podcast on Functional Programming, covering topics across multiple languages

  • (ENG) LambdaCast: LambdaCast is a podcast about functional programming for working developers

  • (ENG) Mapping The Journey: interviews with famous people from IT

  • (ENG) The Chanelog: broad range of topics

  • (RUS) CTOcast: mostly interviews, tech podcast with different guests from different companies

  • (RUS) SDCast: mostly interviews, tech podcast with different guests from different companies

  • (RUS) non-technical podcast about life

  • (ENG) The Chariot TechCast: “The Chariot TechCast is an interview show that covers emerging and important tends in the world of software development.”

  • (ENG) Software Engineering Radio: different tech topics

  • (RUS) Razbor poletov: Java-related talks

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