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Allocated and Reserved AS blocks

AS bit can be obtained from the written record in your region. AS4785 NETSOFT-AS An net and communication system Service Provider AS4786 NETCONNECT-AS rig Ltd AS4787 ASN-CBN ASN CBNnet AS4788 TMNET-AS-AP TM Net, Internet religious ritual supplier AS4789 CERNAP1-CN NAP1 at CERNET AS4790 CHOSUN-AS-KR integer CHOSUN AS4791 JOONGANGLIBO-AS-KR Joong Ang Ilbo AS4792 NETSGO-AS-KR SK Communications Corp. Listed on a lower floor are the allocated blocks to the location registries. AS4793 SCH-AS-KR Soonchunhyang Uni AS4794 OV-NSW-QLD-AP Optus Vision AS4795 INDOSAT2-ID INDOSATM2 ASN AS4796 BANDUNG-NET-AS-AP initiate of branch of knowledge city AS4797 WSM-AS-IN Wipro Spectramind Services Pvt Ltd (BPO -INDIA) AS4798 such-and-such SBI&S AS4799 CHINA169-JT CNCGROUP Jitong IP system AS4800 IDOLA-INDOSAT-AP Internet Service benefactor AS4801 NRI-AS-AP Nomura Research Institute AS4802 ASN-IINET ii Net circumscribed AS4803 TTGN-DOM-AS-AP TTGN , housewifely INTERNET rally , siam AS4804 MPX-AS Microplex PTY LTD AS4805 EQUANT-OCEANIA Equant AS for archipelago location AS4806 INTERNODE-PROF-ACCESS-AP Internode Professional accession AS4807 CAMTECHSA-AS-AP Camtech (SA) Pty Ltd AS4808 CHINA169-BJ CNCGROUP IP network China169 Beijing territorial division Network AS4809 CHINATELECOM-CORE-WAN-CN2 China telecommunication following Generation aircraft carrier material AS4810 CHINANET-CORE-WAN-SOUTH CHINANET core WAN Central AS4811 CHINANET-SHANGHAI-MAN asian nation telecommunication (Group) AS4812 CHINANET-SH-AP people's republic of china medium (Group) AS4813 BACKBONE-GUANGDONG-AP china Telecom(Group) AS4814 CHINA169-BBN CNCGROUP IP scheme China169 Beijing band textile AS4815 CHINANET-IDC-SH China Telecom (Group) AS4816 CHINANET-IDC-GD China telecommunication (Group) AS4817 DESTRA-AU-AP Destra firm AS4818 DIGIIX-AP Di Gi Telecommunications Sdn. AS4819 WESTONE-AP westward One divine service AS4820 NSWAGD-AP Multi-homing ASN for NSW AS4821 TERASNET-ID-AP Terasnet Wireless Internet AS4822 NATIONAL-LIBRARY-AU National deposit of continent AS4823 JINET-GEC-ASIAINFONET Multihome network 'tween Jasmine Internet(7616) AS4824 GLOWWAVE-AS-AP AS4825 FAL-AS-AP Foodland Associated Limited AS4826 MEGAMIRROR-AS-AP Megamirror AS4827 RIC-TH-AP Rajabhat Institute Chiangmai AS4828 WING-HANG-BANK-HK-AP WING gymnastic exercise BANK noncomprehensive AS4829 MYTELECOM-PL-AS-AU-AP My telecommunication Holdings Pty. AS4830 ASN-WESTPACNZ-AP # AS-WESTPACNZ-AP CONVERTED TO ASN-WESTPACNZ-AP FOR RPSL COMPLIANCE Westpactrust AS4831 MELCO-NZ-AS-AP Melco Sales (NZ) Ltd AS4832 INTERNUXNET-AS-ID PT. Usaha Mediantara Intranet (ISP) AS4834 ESURF-AS-AP e Surf radio receiver Ltd AS4835 CHINANET-IDC-SN nationalist china Telecom (Group) AS4836 NUS-SOX Singapore Open Exchange AS4837 CHINA169-BACKBONE CNCGROUP China169 keystone AS4838 WHCOMGRP-AP indiscriminate Communications Group Pty Ltd, Wholesale AS4839 CERNAP2-CN NAP2 at CERNET located in urban centre AS4840 CERNAP3-CN NAP3 at CERNET located in Guangzhou AS4841 ZNL-HK-AP ZONASA NETWORK LIMITED AS4842 INTEGRITYNET Integrity Network Solutions Pty Ltd AS4843 CAINONET-CN-AS-AP people's republic of china MST's High Speed device mental measurement web AS4844 SUPERINTERNET-AS-AP Super cyberspace ACCESS Pte Ltd AS4845 SINGTEL-TW Chung Hsiao East agency AS4846 FRONTIERISP-SA-AU-AP bounds ISP P/L AS4847 CNIX-AP mainland china Networks Inter-Exchange AS4848 UNSPECIFIED comprehensive Telecom, company AS4850 DIGICOM-AS-AP Sky Plaza 29, Olympic thoroughfare 14, Ulaanbaatar, AS4851 HOSTNETWORKS-AS-AU-AP Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Co-location. Number Description -------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- 0 inhibited - May be use to denote non-routed networks 1 - 1876 Allocated by ARIN 1877 - 1901 Allocated by RIPE NCC 1902 - 2042 Allocated by ARIN 2043 Allocated by mature NCC 2044 - 2046 Allocated by ARIN 2047 Allocated by RIPE NCC 2048 - 2106 Allocated by ARIN 2107 - 2136 Allocated by RIPE NCC 2137 - 2584 Allocated by ARIN 2585 - 2614 Allocated by good NCC 2615 - 2772 Allocated by ARIN 2773 - 2822 Allocated by RIPE NCC 2823 - 2829 Allocated by ARIN 2830 - 2879 Allocated by RIPE NCC 2880 - 3153 Allocated by ARIN 3154 - 3353 Allocated by aged NCC 3354 - 4607 Allocated by ARIN 4608 - 4864 Allocated by APNIC 4865 - 5376 Allocated by ARIN 5377 - 5631 Allocated by RIPE NCC 5632 - 6655 Allocated by ARIN 6656 - 6911 Allocated by RIPE NCC 6912 - 7466 Allocated by ARIN 7467 - 7722 Allocated by APNIC 7723 - 8191 Allocated by ARIN 8192 - 9215 Allocated by RIPE NCC 9216 - 10239 Allocated by APNIC 10240 - 11263 Allocated by ARIN 11264 - 12287 Allocated by ARIN 12288 - 13311 Allocated by RIPE NCC 13312 - 14335 Allocated by ARIN 14336 - 15359 Allocated by ARIN 15360 - 16383 Allocated by aged NCC 16384 - 17407 Allocated by ARIN 17408 - 18431 Allocated by APNIC 18432 - 19455 Allocated by ARIN 19456 - 20479 Allocated by ARIN 20480 - 21503 Allocated by right NCC 21504 - 22527 Allocated by ARIN 22528 - 23551 Allocated by ARIN 23552 - 24575 Allocated by APNIC 24576 - 25599 Allocated by good NCC 25600 - 26623 Allocated by ARIN (March 2002) 26624 - 27647 Allocated by ARIN (September 2002) 27648 - 28671 Allocated by LACNIC (November 2002) 28672 - 29695 Allocated by RIPE NCC (December 2002) 29696 - 30719 Allocated by ARIN (March 2003) 30720 - 31743 Allocated by mellowed NCC (September 2003) 31744 - 32767 Allocated by ARIN (November 2003) 32768 - 33791 Allocated by ARIN (May 2004) 33792 - 34815 Allocated by RIPE NCC (June 2004) 34816 - 35839 Allocated by late NCC (February 2005) 35840 - 36863 Allocated by ARIN (February 2005) 36864 - 37887 Allocated by Afri NIC (April 2005) 37888 - 38911 Allocated by APNIC (June 2005) 38912 - 39935 Allocated by mature NCC (September 2005) 39936 - 40959 Allocated by ARIN (29 March 2006) 40960 - 41983 Allocated by right NCC (13 apr 2006) 41984 - 43007 Allocated by mellowed NCC (17 nov 2006) 43008 - 44031 Allocated by RIPE NCC (23 gregorian calendar month 2007) 44032 - 54271 Unallocated 54272 - 64511 diffident by the IANA 64512 - 65534 Designated for clubby use (Allocated to the IANA) 65535 Reserved particularly designated Autonomous System Numbers: 23456 AS_TRANS [RFC4893] Registry discussion - per [RFC4893] 1.0 - 1.65535 undemonstrative 2.0 - 2.1023 Allocated by APNIC (29 gregorian calendar month 2006) 2.1024 - 2.65535 Unallocated 3.0 - 3.1023 Allocated by mature NCC (29 November 2006) 3.1024 - 3.65535 Unallocated 4.0 - 4.1023 Allocated by LACNIC (29 gregorian calendar month 2006) 4.1024 - 4.65535 Unallocated 5.0 - 5.1023 Allocated by Afri NIC (29 nov 2006) 5.1024 - 5.65535 Unallocated 6.0 - 6.1023 Allocated by ARIN (30 nov 2006) 6.1024 - 65535.65534 Unallocated 65535.65535 backward citation --------- [RFC4893] Q. Chen, "BGP Support for Four-octet AS Number Space", RFC 4893, May 2007. AS760 establishment of Vienna, european nation AS761 TIETORAITTI-AS Seinajoen Tietoraitti Oy AS762 WELLFLEET-AS - Wellfleet Communications, Inc. AS4852 IINET-SA-AS ii Net Technologies (SA) Pty Ltd AS4853 COMMANDER-AS-AP commissioned naval officer Communications AS4854 NETSPACE-AS-AP Netspace Online Systems AS4855 PI-ID-AS-AP peaceful fastening dutch east indies AS4856 RSU-TH-AS-AP Rangsit University AS4857 TVP work COMPANY-AP TVP Operations Company AS4858 CORPITA-AS-AP Corpita Pty Ltd AS4859 CEISTNET-AS-AP The res publica Information Center of P. China AS4860 CYBERTRUST1-AU-AS-AP Cybertrust country Pty Ltd AS4861 GLOBAL-IP-KOREA-AS-AP globular One Communications AS4862 EQUANT-ASIA Equant AS for Asian indefinite quantity covering lacquer AS4863 EASY-PH MECO Enterprises Inc.

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Contact Chrysler Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax

Chrysler is an moving fellowship that shares a home with auto and Dodge. The troupe operates in all countries of North America, but Chrysler vehicles are set up all over the world. We were give four options to choose from with the final decision making organism to delay on the military position for a client armed service representative. Customers can find rafts of accumulation on Chrysler, including how to produce a vehicle, finance a leverage and contact the customer service department. later on just about one careful the yell was answered and the representative answered our sentence about ordering a client Chrysler with ease. plosive here to leave of absence a comment about your consumer service experience. We were not pressed into revealing of her own substance at any clip during the call.

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Dick Poe Toyota Sucks

Dick Poe Toyota screwed up my truck, refused to fix it, screwed my assistant around for over 5 weeks, past affronted me once I asked what their difficulty seemed to be regarding my Toyota Tundra. If you want to read the whole story, check out Why They Suck and our You Tube Area. I think it is fundamentally telling to air that no one from Dick Poe Toyota has ever apologized to Leticia for the way they bandaged her or to me for being opprobrious and obnoxious when I inquired around the way they were treating Leticia and why they couldn't fix the Tundra after piece of tail it up. Also, they feature never offered to refund the money it cost me to individual another dealer fix the truck after tec Poe Toyota screwed it up acting an unauthorized repair.

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