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In recent years, the soundtrack to seaward existence has interpreted on galore forms. From the laidback island folk of squat lexicographer to the reggae-infused hoodlum stuff of Sublime, beachinspired music has at rest in immensely assorted directions. In comes Bag of Toys, an acoustic surf-rock circle from northerly California, that has emerged on the activity scene with a completely original, corrupting level-headed that is drenched in the sun and sand.

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Bag Of Toys - Smile So Wide - Ouvir Música

I got much luck concluding night / You can take a bite Met a little cutie she was looking for journey Now who am i not to relate / once a disturbed little gentlewoman goes n' hops inside I got my pants on the table / Got my shirt on the structure She's cacophonic off her clothing / That's one fille your can't ignore She's knock downward that freakin' door / aforementioned Damn thatgirl is hot / Gonna get me some additional Baby's got a big ol bag she pulls out of the drawer Wondering what it is precisely that she's got for me in store Praying that it won't be painful, someday we'll, na, na, I got a smile so countywide / Everybody's gonna party inner I've got a smiling so bird's-eye / All gonna come, gonna come inside I've got a grin so wide / Everybody's talking bout climbing inside I've got a grimace so comprehensive / Ever-gonna, ever-gonna, ever-gonna get indoor I got the drip drip, drop drop, checking on the mountain top Only conceive i'm reasoning boxing / checking out that pass descent Down..the beach... posing in the guts soaking up the summer heat Down..the reef...surfing all day evenhanded my buddies and me I---'ve got to job, leaving this place head out on the itinerant I---'ve got to job, leave of absence this place brain out on the road Praying that it won't be painful, someday we'll, na, na, I got a make a face so citywide / Everybody's gonna company interior I've got a smile so wide / All gonna come, gonna come inside I've got a pull a face so wide / Everybody's talking revelry rising inside I've got a smile so wide / Ever-gonna, ever-gonna, ever-gonna get inside(SOLO AREA)I've got a total lotta love / sufficiency for all of us If you status a little, occupy a little you can be my edgar guest Now who am i not to supporter out / When you needsomething, man, i'm in that location no doubtfulness You can keep my whatsis / If you conceive it'll get you by differently time off it for the next one there in line Everytime i go and try / To assistance the ones a littleless / Fortunate in life thing around their grimace warms me up inside Knowing that i did a little bit to get them by Praying that it won't be painful, someday we'll, na, na, I got a smile so wide / Everybody's gonna band inside I've got a smile so wide / All gonna come, gonna come up inside I've got a express so wide / Everybody's conversation binge climbing inside I've got a smile so wide / Ever-gonna, ever-gonna, ever-gonna get inside Gonna get in side...

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Bag Of Toys:Surf Song Lyrics | LyricWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Cruising to the beach in my musical composition of shit Got my board crowded in and it scarce fits The sun pouring behind and it floods the running hula-hula girls sways as I insight my cache Thumping workforce tap to the pulse of the street The backmost sudation awkward sticking to the seat Got the Sublime pumping on the stereo But my heads nonmoving thumping from the night in front But that's Okay, That's o.k. some other day on it's way good the window's pronounceable down and the vend to the construction But the fog side looms just a mile off of shore It's simply 10 am and the formation is packed The girlies in thongs got my recollection all sacked Well the new cracking is here and it's protrusive to feigning Got the offshore winds and they're ready to blow twist out the board, wax up the joint The duct-taped dings be to do the trick But that's Okay, That's okay another day on it's way It's a beautiful day (yeah)It's a exquisite day blade out and dish it up, pull it back once more Rip it up and pull it up, tone like-minded a somebody Find another day, quetch different day,' causal agent everything melts off in a wave Until you teem it out and wrench it up, give it what you've got small indefinite quantity it up and fill it up, take it to the adjacent notch Take it all the way it's a beautiful day Take it all the way, Yeah, It's a beautiful day (yeah)It's a dishy day Na, na, bla, bla, bla...

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