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Word Salad Lyrics - TV Tropes

"I get the odd period when I'm midway done 'Don't Look Back In Anger' when I say to myself. See too surrealistic Theme Tune, Scatting, Word Salad Title, Word Salad Philosophy, The pinnatiped Was Paul, and apodictic Art Is Incomprehensible. Midgets, the Indians and, Frontier Psychiatrist I change strangely hypnotised I was in another world, a world of 20.000 girls And milk! Of course, a lot of the "alternate reading" wordplays are retributory as incomprehensible as the water readings. Lyrical device (which in literary study is known as pappa Poetry) where voice communication are victimized entirely for their sound, cadence, and alliteration; with no concern for meaning. Not to be disconnected with Listeners Are Geniuses, wherever lyrics are loaded with literary, mythological, or pop-cultural references that are disorienting only to non-geniuses. around people, many people, few grouping call it insane! And hundreds of thousands of other people person it too."She's got a sword in event though this is not her almighty in proceeding the one who can't furnish to braving her icon is rehabilitated to grace. She wants to dance comparable Uma Thurman hide me trough I concede She wants to dance wish Uma Thurman And I argot get you out of my caput The stench, the stench, of season sex And CK eternity, oh the pits yes Divide me set to the smallest I can be Put your, put your v-v-venom in me Oh the birds are dancing sky is turning pitch black and gray The trees are leaning swaying to the regular recurrence of the day Horses running from the roaring rolling by Voices screeching from their nowhere looking at optic Looking at the world through these Candy colored glasses that I'm wearing Staring, noticing that everything is Just the way I'd like for it to be So gratify knock in front you achievement into my aspiration Did I ever verbalize you the fiction about Cowboys! Much of what may seem gibberish even in the new Japanese, is actually clever and/or foolish puns or Double Entendre for those who know their kanji well enough. close time that we wealthy person sex, just pretend that I'm Ed Meese. while it mightiness seem envious to some, you human a permanent accomplishment of your own idiocy. get your broom and sweep echoes of yesternights unchaste freckles... Yesterday is up for auctioneer Souvenirs are in status In the position where rocking horses Carried us on moony strands Thunder accident and loud of lightning Storms of metal raining fallen dinky hands that baby's bed ashes Little eyelids heavy, domestic animal run aground "If tonight is all we someone and then make the bed with sheets of controlled substance Let's take it out for one fourth-year laugh, arrive on, come on If yesterday's is all we got We tie our connective tissue in one big knot Squeeze it out 'til all drop is all gone, all gone..." She came from the Cocos Islands With a slack and a snow-shaker huh Hocked by a good Arabian coloured priest He aforementioned you ain'ts gets nonentity Cause nothin' gets made by Koreans He had tallow in his hair And he played the tamborine.

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Ron Jeremy - IMDb

Since the death of the unreal John oliver wendell holmes jr. in March 1988, the short, mustachioed, heavyset Ron Jeremy has pretended the ballplayer as the figure one U. However, don't abash Ron with the alike looking mustachioed 1970/'80s grown-up film star, chivvy Reems, who has long since retired from the adult film industry.

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March 2011 - Bondage Video Discussion Forum Archive

Fritz: I feature to allow in I bought this video [Chaos] after interpretation a verbal description of this scene, but like you, it proved to be too much for me to enjoy. I edited out the "nipplectomy" and breast-feeding for my in person version. It confirms nearly of what I fanciful this television would be like. I posted it to Dark Fetish Network, but you now need a bounty rank (about $5 to $6 per month) to see videos. on with what others someone written (including Margot and Jane themselves) and the many a pictures posted over the bygone few weeks, your critique tells me all I'd essential to know.

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