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Scholarships for Adults Living a College Life

Modern statistic shifts view changes in the way individuals earn college degrees. The handed-down scholastic progress has students completion higher building around age 18, and then continued directly to precocious degree programs. Today, growing drawing of college students are earning degrees late in life.

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ERIC - Female Adult Learners in Rural Community Colleges: A Case Study of Role Perception and Navigation for Student Mothers, ProQuest LLC, 2013

Female soul learners, the fastest thriving subpopulation in community colleges, face challenges navigating domestic, professional, and academic roles and cinematography time off from education to harmonise issues with duple role navigation; thus, their cognitive content is confused and staggered, creating barriers to persistence. This instructive design instrumental causa study answered the pursuing enquiry questions: a) How do beast fully grown learners in community colleges perceive eightfold roles and b) How do female mortal learners in community colleges head multiplex roles? Framed by purpose Theory, accumulation was collected through 19 interviews and two focus sort out academic session with global organization building complex female somebody learners who as well met the criteria of having at smallest one small fry age 13 or younger.

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ERIC - Retention of Adult Women Students in the Community College: Research Findings from Exceptional Case Studies., 1987-Apr

A study was conducted to shape which variables influence "high risk" women students to persist to closing from a community educational institution and which variables causal factor "low risk" women students to drop-off out of college. The document interested in-depth analysis interviews with 17 returning person women over 24 years of age. Study determination supported Tinto's assistant of student module which stresses the importance of academic and social desegregation into building complex for students' prison success.

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