27 November 2016

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I’ve been listening The Ruby Rogues podcast for several years. Despite the fact the I’m not a Ruby developer ;-). I’m Ruby user if You will.

So, there was one very interesting episode “#283 - Is Ruby Dying?”.
I’m in Java community and it’s very common to hear that “Java is Dying” ;-). But, it’s very uncommon to hear such statement in Ruby-related podcast.

The most interesting part is:

Charles: Yeah, it’s really interesting too. This goes back, you talking about people coming in,
it comes back at least for me to the people who say that the Ruby community is shrinking.
They see prominent members of the community leaving but at the same time they’re typically doing Ruby and something else.
If they’re going and picking up JavaScript, they’re picking up a front-end framework or something
and occasionally they’ll move off to express or something instead of Rails.

But yeah, is the Ruby community really shrinking? Well, the ticket for Rails Conf and Ruby Conf as far as I can tell are getting harder and harder to get. The conference really isn’t getting bigger or smaller, it’s harder and harder to get because more and more people want to go.

And, I’ve decided to find out who are from prominent members of the community leaving:

Name Info Ruby Community Alt/New Community
Yehuda Katz github, site Merb, Ruby on Rails, Bundler, Thor Rust
Steve Klabnik github, site Ruby on Rails Rust
José Valim github Ruby on Rails Elixir
Dave Thomas github, blog wrote the 1st English Ruby Book in 2000 Elixir
Matt Aimonetti github, site Merb, MacRuby Golang
Mark Bates github, site Ruby Conf Speacker, Screencast Golang
Blake Mizerany github Sinatra Golang
Ron Evans github KidsRuby Ruby, Golang
Katrina Owen github, site Ruby Conf Speacker Golang, Ruby
Bryan Liles github Ruby Conf Speacker Golang
Chad Fowler github, site Ruby Conf orginizer, Ruby Books writer Ruby, Scala, Clojure
David Chelimsky github RSpec Ruby, Clojure
Chris McCord github Ruby on Rails Elixir

It’s very interesting aspect of any community.

Please comment/correct me if this table has incorrect info.

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