07 September 2014

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I’ve been blogging for several years (2009-2014) using Google Blogger My old blogspot blog. It was a great experience. But, I always felt some discomfort.
I couldn’t simply write without thinking how it will be rendered. I was distracted by blog engine.

Moving away

Additional inspiration for moving away came from the essay Blogging Like a Hacker.
Finally, I made a decision to use GitHub Pages for blogging. There were two choices: Jekyll or Octopress.
I picked Octopress because of the pre-bundled minimal required blogging features. I.e. it’s not required the additional configuration to start blogging right away.

The official Octopress documentation has step-by-step guide for blog setup. It’s very convenient and transparent.


I didn’t want to use the default Octopress theme (it’s boring). Theme customization required some time. All others free themes are too complex, IMHO.

At the end I found this theme and applied it to my new blog.

Main features

Here I selected the main features which I like the most:

Minor Issues

I’ve tried to migrate posts form my old blog to Octopress, tried different approaches. But, I had no success. Actually, I had ugly results, which should be manually fixed.


There are tons of different Static Site Generators, see the next resources:

But, Jekyll and Octopress are at the top.

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