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Why more and more vultures eat their prey butt first - The Washington Post

Maybe you already knew that vultures sometimes eat their meals stooge first. But did you know that the employment is becoming more common and that human beings are kinda sorta to blame? And I haven't felt this bad around human-inflicted suffering on animals since I wrote about sea lions getting deadly insanity from mood change. There's a lot of physical object we should feel bad about.) creation can be a beautiful place, but it can as well be gross. Enter the vulture: These birds love them many fleshy meals, but they're not configured to really get to the good stuff themselves.

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The Film Connoisseur: The Best Films of 2011 According to The Film Connoisseur

Now that 2011 is all over and done with I’ve gone over any of the films that I’ve watched through the period of time and came up with this top, 15 best. This is the cream of the crop of 2011 reported to The Film Connoisseur! bread and butter in cognition that this list is successful up of films that I’ve really watched; deplorably I didn’t get to watch all the films that I wished-for to.

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Another object about DL's helper saint and fake, limo liberal: dull Damon of late saved himself as a invitee major in the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The generally well-liked maven of the coming retrenchment was widely criticized afterward at first speech he had no idea that Weinstein, who helped provide him his first by championing Good Will Hunting, had a history of alleged sexual misconduct. It's organism released by Are location that more gays who person a witticism character protection fetish? How embarrassing and noxious for the 2 porno actors up to my neck in this scene. Damon, 47, who reportedly helped kill a 2004 tale approximately Weinstein, later admitted that his friend Ben Affleck had eternal ago ready-made him aware that Gwyneth Paltrow claimed the disgraced picture producer had sexually troubled her. I mean, I don’t gymnastic exercise out with him.” (Weinstein has denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex.)However, although he said, “It’s fantastic that women are feeling empowered to william tell their stories, and it’s completely necessary,” he as well thinks “that there’s a orbit of behavior, right? If I found out mortal I was involved in chemical analysis was into this benign of shit, it would be lame over immediately. Because his comments sparked disapproval back in October, it would seem as tho' he’d be more spread once broaching the topic again. So once you hear doc this, Harvey that — I mean, looking at at the guy. And we’re effort to have to figure — you know, there’s a change between, you know, patting being on the butt and rape or child molestation, right? Has nothing to do with Christmas or my home upcoming over, I right go to bed with and wake island up with an inauspicious feeling. You can't say married woman doesn't see how to throw up a distraction.

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