JEEConf - Kiev, 2014 - Report

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I attended the forth JEEConf, May 23-24, 2014. The situation in my country (Ukraine) is difficult that’s why I was amazed to see so many foreign speakers. The organizers did really tremendous work.

This year I divided topics by the next directions:


  • Spring 4, Java EE 7 or Both? by Ivar Grimstad – The main idea of the talk was to show similar and different parts of Spring 4 and Java EE 7. And have an ability easily identify when to use one or another. There are trade-offs and we should be aware of them.
  • Spring configuration: how to do it right (experience report), Mikalai Alimenkou – Mikalai shared his experience related to Spring configs. Nice talk. I’m going to borrow some ideas ;-)
  • Spring the Ripper, by Evgeny Borisov – It was the most dynamic talk at this conference. The presenter shown Spring life-cycle internals in action. Well done. It should be seen by every Spring dev :-)


  • Apache Lucene/Solr Internals, by Anatoliy Sokolenko – I had no experience with these technologies. And it was really nice intro. Now I have some clue how it works.
  • Streamline your processes with jBPM 6, by Jiri Svitak – It was an into talk into jBPM 6. I had small experience with competitor framework Activiti. It’s always interesting to see the similar framework’s features.


  • Java8: Stream Style, by Sergey Kuksenko – It was Java 8 Stream introduction. There were shown different stream features and approaches.
  • What Heap Dumps Are Lying To You About, by Aleksey Shipilёv – It’s a very special talk related to Java “internals”. Actually, this talk was about Java object size calculation and what happens under the hood.
  • Reflection Madness, by Heinz Kabutz – The presenter told us about Java reflection magic, when to use it and why it’s dangerous.


  • Tooling of a Test-Driven Developer, by Paweł Lipiński – There were highlighted two very interesting libraries for TDD on top of JUnit: AssertJ and JUnitParams.Very interesting libraries
  • Web Apps in LISP!? EWW!, by Anatoly Polinsky – Here was shown different aspects of web development in Clojure for beginners. It’s was real intro, but very interesting, especially when you’d like to spread your mind into alternative JVM-related communities.

It was very productive conference for me. I’ve got new portion of inspiration, new knowledge and passion to ordinary things.